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What will the future look like and who will be building it?

Every year, eight aspiring venture capital investors develop unique investment theses that answer those two questions. Each fellow dissects an emerging technology or business model, creating a framework on how to assess investment opportunities in the space. Throughout the year, fellows are expected to become experts in their sector, meeting with entrepreneurs, operators, and investors.

Meet the Class of 2020:

  • Agapitos Diakogiannis - ManufacturingTech

  • Andrew Maxman - FinTech for Millennials

  • Chris Harper - Consumer Brands and Services for Families

  • Jaya Prasad - Direct to Consumer Digital Health

  • Jeremy Priestner - Invisible Tech: API, Middleware, Connectivity

  • Juliette Cilia - Construction Site Autonomy

  • Laura Rowson - Data Aggregation and Centralized Decision Making

  • Matan Hoffman - Wellness Brands for Baby Boomers

  • Sri Bhamidipati - Conversational AI

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Interested in applying? Great! Applications open every September. Learn more about the application process here.